What's The Verdict? - EP3 Overheating Issues

What's The Verdict? - EP3 Overheating Issues

We've been busy stripping down the EP3 Race Car to find out the root cause of the over heating issues we have been having following testing at Donington Park.

Getting to it and removing the waterpump and housing, revealed that the engine block where the water pump housing bolts to has cracked and has movement due to the crack, allowing air to enter the coolant system and therefore causing the over heating issue.

Unfortunately, we removed the head also as we were going to replace the head gasket anyway. Once removed, we found that the crack had extended close to the block face.


Now, this gives us a few options to think about. We either weld up this K20A block and use it again, but as you can see the bores to the rear have glazed quite badly so could do with a rebuild as well whilst we at it. Or the other option is to K24 or K24 Frank it.

So stay tuned to find out what we may have decided...

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